About Boar Wheel

Some things just don’t work well together.

At Boar Wheel, we are a family owned and operated business with over 90 years of combined experience in the tire/wheel industry. We have owned and operated several businesses successfully including Retread Specialists, High-Tec Retreading, and TreadWright Tires. We work well together, and we are proud of that.

However, what doesn’t work well together are heavy trailers and ST and LT tires. More often than not, this combination leads to premature tire failure, an unhappy trailer owner, and often a dangerous roadside situation. Over our many years in the tire industry, we were repeatedly asked for a “better tire” for trailers hauling heavy loads. We combined our experience, our tire knowledge, and our dedication to quality into a class of specialty wheels designed to fit your needs. We aim to provide you with a reliable product that will provide years of worry-free service, and that will stand up to the exceptional demands you place on it.

We’ve made it possible for you to now run commercial truck tires (just like the big rigs) on many light and medium-duty trailers. Boar Wheels have the heavy-duty construction to accommodate the weight and speeds these tires enable you to achieve. Boar Wheels and heavy trailers, two things that belong together.

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