Case Studies

Boar Wheel has a proven track record of safety and reliability. Our heavy-duty wheels and tires are used by professionals who have come to depend on Boar Wheel products to deliver top-notch and worry-free performance. Don't take our word for it. Check out the stories of some of our real customers below, and you'll soon discover why our tires and rims are an indispensable part of any trailering rig. 

Benjamin Benavides
Discover how Boar Wheel's tires and wheels perform on a trailer equipped with three 8,000 pound axles with a running weight of 21,400 lbs. Read more...
Dane Kissack
After enduring six to eight blowouts per season, find out how the wheels and tires Dane got from Boar Wheel have been performing after 28,000 miles. Read more...
Jeremy Willis
Jeremy used to buy the most expensive, heaviest duty 16” tires on the market, only to have them fail time and time again. See what Jeremy has to say about the dependability of Boar Wheel's tires and rims. Read more...