Stable and worry-free ride
Our low-profile design virtually eliminates sidewall distortion and flex, even under heavy loads.
No down time
With the drastically improved reliability you'll spend your time on the road not on the side of the road.
Cost savings
Without blowouts and with the extended commercial tread life, you'll be changing tires less often and saving money.
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Heavy Duty Trailer Wheels

Discover why so many trailer owners are switching to 19.5" wheels and tires. This video discusses the benefits of Boar Wheel's 19.5" trailer wheels and rims:

Why choose 19.5" wheels and tires?

Greater Load Capacity:

Overloading and under inflation are two of the biggest causes of catastrophic tire failure. The most common trailer tire size is the 235/85R16 Load Range E, and it can carry no more than 3,060 pounds when inflated to 80 psi. In contrast, our trailer wheels are rated at 5,000 pounds of capacity. When pairing our rims with a 225/70R19.5 Load Range G tires, you'll be able to carry a load of up to 3,970 pounds at 110 psi. That equates to over 900 pounds more per tire in load carrying capacity. On a dual axle trailer, you can safely carry over 3,600 pounds more cargo with each load. It's important to always abide by the weight limit specifications of your trailer or axle.

In addition to greater load capacity, our wheels provide longer tread life, improved stability, reduced rolling resistance, and greater tire availability.

When it comes to the safety of your trailer's cargo, why take chances with overinflated tires that are only rated for slower speeds?

We guarentee that you will love our trailer tires and wheels. Not just safer – better!