Stop Trailer Tire Blowouts

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Tire Blowouts Can Be Stopped!

There is nothing quite like the freedom and adventure that come from traveling with your own accommodations. No hotel beds that thousands of people have slept in before, no noisy neighbors or dirty bathrooms. You get to enjoy the open road and the comforts of home while exploring new places. What could be better?

Enjoying the adventure without the worry of unnecessary trailer tire failure, for one! 

Tire blowouts cost time, money, and endanger the safety of you, your belongings, and your fellow motorists.

The tires and wheels on your trailer are arguably the most important component to safe trailering (they’re the only component in direct contact with the road!)

Yet, despite this, most trailers come stock with tires that just meet stated minimum ratings required to be legal. They’re not up to the repeated flexing and over-torque that come from turning and maneuvering heavy multiple axle trailers.


Boar Wheel was born with one mission in mind, eliminate the trailer tire blowout problem to the greatest extent possible. How do we do that? With heavy-duty wheels designed and engineered to accommodate 19.5s, without trailer modifications.

You see, with over 5 decades of tire construction experience, we’ve known the best tire for heavy trailer applications for years, a 225/70R19.5. The same tire used by hundreds of thousands of medium-duty trucks nationwide including FedEx, UPS, Ford F450-F650, shuttle buses, utility companies, and hundreds more.

Why are 19.5s so much better? 

  • Higher test standard. Tires sizes over 17.5” rim diameter have a different test standard than smaller tires. For example, a Load Range G (14-ply rated) 235/85R16 tire has to withstand a 6,300/ breaking force to pass FMVSS testing. A 225/70R19.5 Load Range G (14-ply rated) has to withstand over 18,000/ breaking force. Almost 3 times the breaking force! This means a stronger tensile strength steel, higher grade rubber, and a different manufacturing standard.
  • Lower Profile Design. The 225/70R19.5’s lower profile design and thicker, all-steel sidewall, reducing the amount of flex and over-stressing that takes place when turning and maneuvering multiple axle trailers. Under load, standard 16” tires break down much faster to the repeated stress and can lead to a sudden tire failure.
  • Longer Tire Life. On average, a 225/70R19.5 comes with a deeper tread (16/32”+) of higher grade rubber and typically provide an original tread life of over 80,000 miles. 130,000 or more is not uncommon.
  • Made to be retreaded.Though not everyone takes advantage of it, 225/70R19.5’s are made to be retreaded. This means the casing is built to last two or even three tread lives. They are built with more anti-aging compounds to slow weather cracking and premature aging. 

And we haven’t even begun to talk about the potential cost savings associated with running 19.5s. With a longer tire life, you’ll buy less replacement tires. When you do buy replacement tires, they cost about the same as a higher end 235/85R16 while lasting 2-3 times (or more) as long. You have a drastically reduced risk of sudden tire failure and the costs associated with the damage this can cause. Additionally, most customers report back an average of 1.5/mpg fuel savings while towing, offering additional savings at the pump.

By now, I’m sure you can discern the benefits of upgrading to 19.5’s on your trailer. But will they fit your application? Good question. 

Here is a couple of guidelines you can use to help determine if they are a good fit for your trailer: 

  1. Measure the distance from the front axle (or center axle on a three axle trailer) to the other axle. We like to see 34” or more from center to center of the axles.
  2. Next, measure 16” out in each direction from the center of your hub. The 225/70R19.5 has a 32” outer diameter, 16” from center will show you right where the tire will run within your wheel well.
  3. road-warrior-measurements-example.jpg
  4. Finally, measure your lug studs. We have rims that will accommodate 1/2”, 9/16”, and 5/8” lug studs. It’s best to know your lug stud diameter when you order.

Basically, if your trailer came equipped with 235/80R16 or 235/85R16 tires, the Boar Wheel 19.5" rims will fit while utilizing a 225/70R19.5 from any tire manufacturer.

If your trailer has the 8 on 6.5” lug pattern (if it’s 8 bolt then there is a 99.9% chance it’s 8 on 6.5”) then either the Rancher wheel or the Cruiser 67 wheel will fit.

If the trailer has a 6 on 5.5” lug pattern, the Rancher wheel has the option to accommodate this.

Keep in mind that, 19.5’s are used on hundreds of thousands of medium-duty trucks throughout North America, so replacement tires are common and produced by every major tire manufacturer. Often, you can find high tread (13/32”+) take offs for as little as $50. Most truck service locations will have new tires on hand. You can even purchase them though Walmart if you so desire.

Speed ratings on 19.5’s typically start around 75/mph and go up to 87/mph, at full load capacity.

The open road awaits you. Boar Wheel wants you to Get There safely, every time. We firmly believe 19.5s are the best way to accomplish this and we have millions of miles traveled safely to support this statement.

If you have a specific application question, please feel free to fill out the form below and we'll respond without delay.