Jeremy Willis


My name is Jeremy Willis, I work full time as a professional rodeo cowboy. My job requires me to haul 5-6 horses with their saddles and tack, feed, and my family (during the summer months). We travel tens of thousands of miles across the US fully loaded in the heat of the summer; needless to say we have always had issues with trailer tires. Any given year we average 8-10 blowouts.

Oddly enough it took a while to determine the source of the problem. I would buy the most expensive, heaviest duty 16” tires on the market. This tire would sometimes last less than a week. We had the trailer checked to make sure it was square and we replaced the axles (thinking they may be bent). After stumping many professionals with the question of why our tires blow so quick we finally figured they were just plain old overloaded.

With the maximum capacity of the heaviest rated 16” tires on the market being well below our actual weight, we set out find a solution. After a lot of research I found out what I needed was bigger wheels as 17” or 19.5” tires had a much higher weight rating. The problem I ran into was the hubs on my news axles (that were just replaced in the troubleshooting phase of this ordeal) were lug centric, meaning they used cone shaped lug nuts to keep the wheel centered on the hub. All the 17.5” and 19.5” wheels I found were hub centric which means the hub centered the wheels. This new information was discouraging due to the fact that based on the research I had done I could not get 17” or 19.5” wheels with replacing my axles, again. But even that would be a better option than blowing out 10 tires a year. So I began searching for new axles that were hub centric, the problem I ran into was that in order to get the correct axles I would have to get heavier axles. The next problem was that the frame of the trailer would not allow me to get heavier axles because they were wider due to bigger brakes and the only way to do it was to cut out the frame of the trailer around the wheels and rebuild it with a bigger area to allow for larger hubs and wider electric brakes.

As you can tell this was highly frustrating and was seemingly a dead end in my search for a solution...until I happened upon a company named Boar Wheel. To my total astonishment they had the solution. They made 19.5” wheels that were lug centric and would bolt right on to my current hubs! After visiting with Joel at Boar Wheel I was beyond excited to learn that what I read was correct and that they were the solution to my problem. They sent me a set of 18 ply 19.5” tires and wheels that bolted straight onto the hubs and axles I already had!

I replaced the wheels in January of this year and almost doubled the weight capacity of my tires! Since the changed I’ve hauled my fully loaded 40’ 5 horse gooseneck trailer with 20’ living quarters all over the US with absolutely no problems! Not a single blowout or flat. We crossed west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona deserts in 110 degree + weather with no problem. These tires and wheels have saved me tons of money and time on the side of the road and kept my horses safe!

Thank you Boar Wheel.

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