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Rancher 673T

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Rancher 673T
Rancher 673T
Rancher 673T
Dodge 2500 pulling Featherlite livestock trailer with Boar Evron rims.
Titan Dump trailer carrying over 7 tons of gravel on Boar Evron rims.
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Rancher 673T
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Product Description

Rancher 673T Wheel from Boar Wheel

If you have ever endured the headache of pulling a trailer and experiencing a blowout with 16" tires the Rancher 673T is the solution. Developed specifically for extra heavy applications. The Rancher 673T is a true commercial grade wheel developed for use on 10,000/lbs.+ axles. Made from high-grade steel, our wheels are designed to provide years of rugged, reliable performance. It's easy, direct bolt-on application makes replacing underrated 16" or 17.5" wheels and tires as easy as unbolting your old tires and bolting on your new Boar Wheel 19.5" commercial wheel. 

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Wheel Specifications:  19.5" x 6.75"

Offset: 0"

Bore: 4.75"

Lug Pattern: 8 x 6.5"

Stud Size:  5/8" - Hub Centric

Load Rating: 6,000/lbs.

Color:  Liquid Silver Powder Coat

Torque: 2 Piece Lug Nut = 160/

Recommended Tire Sizes:

  • 225/70R19.5 LRH
  • 245/70R19.5 LRH

Benefits of going to 19.5" wheels and tires:

  • Semi Truck Grade Construction of both wheel and tire.
  • Longer tread life of tires = reduced operating costs.
  • Decreased rolling resistance = improved fuel economy (+1.5/MPG average reported).
  • Higher load capacity = carry more weight, safely.
  • Decreased sidewall flex = enhanced stability and handling.
  • Top 5 commercial tire sold = tires are readily available at most tire stores.