Dane Kissack: Overcoming Obstacles - Read now

Just four months after recovering from an ACL surgery on February of 2017, Dane Kissack was back on the rodeo road for the summer run. Kissack’s first run back in North Platte the most important run of 2017, gaining not only a great deal of confidence but also winning the rodeo after just a week of practicing slow at home. Following a great kick off to the summer, Kissack continued to succeed pocketing $7500 over Cowboy Christmas in July with his biggest rodeo in Mandan, ND winning $2500. This has also been recorded the best fourth of July run for Kissack. He rode a new horse from Cade Swor, named Rango. Rango’s first appearance was before Kissack’s ACL injury, but Dane saw great potential in the elite animal and chose to keep him for the rest of the year.

Another thing Dane has seen great value in is the Boar Wheel assembly on his trailers. “In 2016, I put 55,000 miles on them that are now being used on the ranch trailer. My new set for 2017 has covered a full 25,000 miles, and I have never once had to add air to a Boar Wheel 19.5 tire.”

Kissack recalls three examples that the Boar Wheels have made a significant difference. Kissack’s wife, Kelly, had to drive 1000 miles from Nampa, Idaho to Spearfish, South Dakota, alone with the pickup and trailer. Considering it was July heat, a tough drive, and Kelly was alone, Dane felt insured and safe to send his wife down the road with a wheel and tire he trusted. Dane explains, “I’m not able to be there 24/7 to help her, my wife might have to be on the road alone at times. But, I can comfortably send my wife half way across the nation without a worry that she won’t be on the side of the road in danger. I won’t send my wife and family across the country without them.”

Another instance, Dane flew from Reno to Minneapolis to ensure he made both rodeos on time. In the meantime, Kelly, drove from Reno, Nevada to Denver, CO to pickup Dane from the airport to travel to the next rodeo. One of Dane’s biggest fears are the road gators left on the highway or interstate from a previous blown tire. Knowing the steel lining in his 19.5’s kept the wheels from tearing up, Dane is able to send Kelly on the road when in need. “What an incredible investment to keep my wife, family, and myself off the side of the road from strangers, vehicles passing, weather, danger, and time. You don’t realize the affect blowing a tire has until you have to begin fixing your trailer, replacing tires, and making up for lost time to my next rodeo.”

When heading to the Casper Pro Rodeo, Kissack’s turned at Gillette to finish their drive to Casper, only to find out the road was closed and they must re-route to make it to Casper. It was currently 102 degrees outside and had just enough time to make it to the rodeo, as it would be starting, if they drove fast. Knowing he had the wheel and tire to handle it, Kissack was able to drive 85 mph to make it to Casper in time to give himself a competitive chance to win the rodeo from not being late and stuck on the side of the road replacing a tire.

Dane is currently working toward fixing a lower back issue that has been causing a great deal of strain and stiffness in his tie-down runs. With it getting progressively worse, Dane is working with doctors to get back to healthy as soon as possible. 

With Dane's determination and Kelly's support, we're confident that Dane will fully heal and be ready to go!  

4th Aug 2017 K. Peterson