Environmentally Friendly Savings in One

3 years of Boar Wheel customer based results repeatedly show that, on average, customers with 19.5” wheels and tires are getting 1.5-MPG better fuel economy when towing. For every 1,000 miles traveled while towing, this means a reduction of 291.9 pounds of carbon emissions*. For every 10,000 miles spent towing, this means reduced carbon emissions of 2,919 pounds, all while saving an estimated $326 in fuel expenses**.

Reduces Fuel Consumption while towing:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced fuel expense

19.5” tires are commercial truck tires. As such, most are considered to be an 80K mile tire on the conservative side. Many customers are reporting back 160,000 miles plus on the original tire tread life. In addition, 19.5” tires can be retreaded safely (unlike LT or ST tires) and thereby provide an additional tread life or two. This reduces the number of tires needed, the number of tires discarded, and the number of tires that end up in the landfills, burned in cement plants, or other operations. One 225/70R19.5 typically lasts as long as 3- 10 16” trailer tire life cycles. Also, with a reduced chance of tire failure and blowout, there is less road debris and less chance of costly damage to trailer and cargo.

Reduced number of replacement tires means:

  • Reduced resources (tires) needed
  • Reduced debris (tires) entering landfills
  • Reduced road debris

This entire “going green” thing isn’t at your expense either. With fuel savings, reduced number of replacement tires required, less down time, and less chance of property damage, your investment will pay for itself in very short order.

Improve safety and performance while reducing your environmental impact and saving money, what could be better?

(*Based on EPA estimates on diesel fuel emissions of 22.28/lbs. carbon emissions per gallon of diesel fuel consumed. Figures calculated using 10 mpg as the base for 16” tires and 11.5 mpg for 19.5” tires.)

(**Based on diesel fuel price of $2.50/gallon.)

20th Jul 2017 J. Hawkins