Explore The Power Of Heavy Hauling With Boar Rancher 673T Wheel And Tire Packages

Reliability and performance can never be negotiated when considering heavy hauling. Are you searching for the right wheels and tires? The Boar Rancher 673T stands first in the queue of being one of the best. You get stability, durability, and effectiveness with this heavy-duty, commercial-grade wheel designed to overcome the most difficult challenges. The Boar Rancher 673 T's pre-mounted commercial tires make the heavy hauling rise to the top. Explore more about the perks of this commendable wheel and know how it offers better efficiency and longevity, enhancing your hauling experience.

Benefits Of Upgrading To 19.5" Wheels & Tire Packages

Advancing from 16" to 19.5" wheels and selecting silver Rancher 673T ( black rimtire packages you will find on the Rancher 8-Lug ) have diverse advantages customized to apply for heavy hauling. Delve in depth about the perks brought by the Boar Rancher 673T to the table:

1. Continental Hybrid HS3 - 245/70R19.5

The Boar Rancher 673T is available with the Continental Hybrid HS3 tires, which offer the special feature to deal with heavy hauling. Moreover, these tires are designed to cater the high mileage performance as it has the quality of two-layer tread construction. Resulting in improving the wet performance with their longevity.

2. Extended Tread Life

Longevity in any tire is crucial for heavy hauling. The Boar Rancher 673T and Continental HS3 possess an average reported tread life of over 80,000 miles. The unique feature, in turn, allows you to maximize your investment and minimize downtime associated with frequent replacements. Additionally, these wheels deliver long-lasting performance without getting disturbed in your work.

3. True Commercial-Grade Construction

The Rancher 673T with Continental Tires features commercial-grade construction. Furthermore, it includes anti-aging compounds and heavy-duty construction. The special quality translates into exceptional durability, enabling the wheels and tires to withstand the toughest sturdy conditions. You can rely on the Boar Rancher 673T to consistently perform, to tackle all the challenges.

4. Decreased Rolling Resistance

As you can find, the 19.5-inch wheels and tires give less rolling resistance. Therefore, most heavy vehicle owners prefer it. After using these wheels and tires, many customers observed 1.5 miles per gallon increased fuel efficiency while towing. Thus, you save money on fuel expenses and reduce environmental impacts. You can achieve maximum performance and sustainability in your heavy-weight endeavor with Boar Rancher 673T.

5. Higher Load Capacity

Load capacity is a significant aspect for heavy-weight vehicles; Boar Rancher 673T suits the best for this purpose. That is why 19.5" is better than 16" wheels. It ensures safe and effective operations, giving the confidence to manage heavy-weight tasks easily.

6. Widely Available Wheels And Tires

The availability of tire packages is crucial in the heavy hauling industry. The Boar Rancher 673T allows using readily available tires and wheels used by top leaders like Ford F 450, Dodge4500, FedEx, F550, UPS, and more. As a result, you can easily source replacements, decrease downtime of your business, and keep your operations sustainable.

7. Perfect Fit For Most Trailers

8,000lb + axles and 32" outer diameter on 225/70R19.5 along with 33" outer diameter on the 245/70R19.5 makes the Boar Rancher a fit choice for most trailers. When it comes to its compatibility, it makes sure of flawless integration with equipment that reduces the inconvenience and cost of modifying trailers. You can leverage the assured optimal performance and overall efficiency of the wheels in these heavy-hauling applications.

8. Improved Stability And Reduced Belt Damage

You get enhanced stability with transitioned 19.5" wheels that occurs because of decreased sidewall profile and flex. Additionally, less sidewall flex is more likely to decrease the chances of belt damage, which offers peace of mind and safety while heavy hauling operations. This Boar Rancher 673T trailer has excellent stability, thus making them easy to maneuver.

9. Michelin Agilis HD Z - 245/70R19.5

The Roar Rancher 673T, Michelin Agilis HD Z, adds an excellent tire option with it. These tires have robust, buttressed shoulders that prevent tearing and rapid wear because they are designed for severe scrub situations. The strong curb guards provide protection to sidewalls from impacts and abrasions that have a long casing life. When it comes to Michelin Agilis HD Z, it emerges as one of the longest-lasting regional tires.

Elevate Your Heavy Hauling Game With Our Reliable Tires!

In the heavy hauling industry, the Boar Rancher 673T wheel with its pre-mount commercial 225/70R19.5 or 245/70R19.5 tires is an unbeatable force. Boar Wheel provides its customers with easily accessible wheels and tires; we have varieties such as Continental Hybrid HS3 and Michelin Agilis HD Z. Take your heavy hauling to the next level with the Boar Rancher 673T today.

27th Jul 2023