How 19.5 Super Single Tires Expand Your Trailer’s  Life?

Are you a trailer or RV owner and recently started looking for ways to extend your vehicle’s life? We understand that as an owner of a large trailer or RV, you must ensure that your tow vehicle can pull for an extended period. But did you know that it is not only your truck’sengine or the fuel type, but the tires you use for your trailer or RV that play a significant role? Yes, they are also crucial in determining the lifetime of your vehicle.

So, if you plan to upgrade your trailer or make some modifications, switch to 19.5 super single tires; you will never regret your decision. In the following section of this article, we will explain how these tires can help you extend your vehicle’s life.

Here Are A Few Points To Know!

You might be thinking, why are we stressing about these tires? Read through the pointers below to explore the reasons. .

1. Longevity Of Your Tires

The tires’ longevity is one reason the demand for steel rim and tire packages is increasing. 19.5 super single tires are made for heavy vehicles such as trailers and RVs, so they are durable than other types of tires on the market. The durability of these tires is what makes FedEx, UPS, Ford, Dodge, GM and more use them on their medium duty trucks. . It is impossible to put an exact mileage life estimate on these tires as this depends on how the vehicle is used, road conditions, and , with how much load is being carried, to be precise. For a large percentage of our clients who travel mostly highway miles, 100,000 miles plus is a normal tread life. Not a bad return on your investment! .

2. These Tires Can Enhance The Life Of Your Engine

If you frequently cover long distances with your truck, 19.5 super single tires will be your best companion. It is important to note that you may notice a slight height difference due to the tallness of the tires, (32” for 225/70R19.5 vs 31” for 235/80R16) but this can be beneficial for your truck’s engine in the long run because it lowers the cruising RPMs on the highway. If your RPM is high, it will burn the fuel faster, which will cause strains on moving components. 19.5 super single tires are proven to reduce cruising RPMs, and it causes less stress on your transmission, engine, and pistons.

3. These Tires Are Beneficial For Fuel Economy

The tire’s width indeed plays no role in the speed. But the tallness of the tire does. Why? Because if the tires are small, they will have to rotate more times to cover the same amount of ground compared to the taller ones. So, the taller your tires are, the more swiftly they will propel your vehicle. And not to ignore the fact that lower RPM can provide better fuel economy to the vehicle, expanding its lifetime in turn. Michelin and Continental 19.5s are also Smartway Certified low rolling resistance tires. For many of our customers this means 1-2 MPG better fuel economy when towing!

Upgrade Your Trailer Tires With 19.5 Super Single Tires!

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23rd Aug 2023