Without a Change, Expect the Same Results

I love this quote by Albert Einstein. It's a basic truth that applies to so many parts of our lives. We could apply it to our relationships, money management, diet choices, or any problem we're facing really.

When I read this quote in thinking about 16" wheels and tires on trailers, I'm struck by how well it applies. Too many trailer manufacturers have been addressing the well-established trailer tire failure problem by using the same products they have for decades. 16" trailer tires, in any variation, are not the answer. Not in a 10 ply, 12 ply, or 14 ply. No matter the ply rating the tire, you're still dealing with the same basic design weaknesses. A higher profile design that is more susceptible to turning, maneuvering, and heavy load stress.

You might think about it like this. If you are truly gluten intolerant (and isn't everyone these days!) you wouldn't go from eating white bread to whole wheat or rye bread and expect it to solve the issue. It's the basic ingredients that are the problem.

In a similar vein, 16" trailer tires are a problem due, in large part, to their high profile construction. They often have lower weight ratings, lower speed ratings, and a one use and dispose of construction. They're not made to last. A TOP priority to their construction is initial cost savings.

With a 19.5" tire, they are made to carry heavier loads (3,970/lbs. to over 6,000/lbs.) at speed ranging from 65 to 87 mph, highway speeds. Their low profile design, thick sidewall construction, and durable materials mean less sidewall stress and flex, even under extreme load. In addition, they are made to be retreaded 1-2 times. Since they're made to last the life of several treads, they are manufactured with stronger components and more anti-ozone and anti-oxidant materials to last longer.

On average, our customers are reporting back, at a minimum, doubling the tire life on their trailers verses 16" tires. Some customers are getting as much as 160,000 miles of the first tread life!

When you really break it down, the money and time savings alone make this the best option. When you factor in the improved safety and reduced property damage, it makes the choice a simple one.

The problem of failure prone 16" tires has been solved. It took some original thinking but we know you'll love the benefits once you've made the switch. 

25th May 2017 J. Hawkins