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Michelin AGILIS HD Z

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Michelin AGILIS HD Z
Michelin AGILIS HD Z
Michelin AGILIS HD Z
Michelin AGILIS HD Z
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Michelin AGILIS HD Z
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Michelin Agilis HD Z


The Michelin Agilis HD Z is an all-position tire designed for use on commercial vehicles on regional and highway applications. The tire features an exceptional all-position radial with an extra deep and wide tread that delivers excellent wear in high scrub applications. Featuring curb guards, buttressed shoulders and groove bottom protectors, the Agilis HD Z endures wear, resists against abrasions and impacts and protects against stone drilling.

Features & Benefits

  • Tailor-made, five-rib, zig-zag tread pattern enhances fast water evacuation for excellent, yet aggressive traction on wet surfaces. 
  • Full-depth sipes that offer all-wheel position traction throughout the tire™s lifespan.
  • Beefy, buttressed shoulders help resist tearing and accelerated wear in intensive scrub applications.
  • Groove bottom protectors help deliver additional defense against stone drilling.
  • Extra strong curb guards help protect sidewalls against most impacts and abrasions for long casing life.
  • Made in USA.
225/70R19.5 Specs:
Load Range / PR G/14
Tread Depth (32nds) 17
Service Index 128/126N (87/mph)
Approved Rims (inch) 6.0, 6.75
Overall Diameter (inch) 32.3"
Section Width (inch) 9.3"
Max Load Single (lbs.) 3,970
Max Load Dual (lbs.) 3,750
Max PSI 110
Revs Per Mile 640




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