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Cruiser 67 Wheel & 19.5" Tire

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    Boar Wheel brings you the Cruiser 67 as the perfect fit for your trailer with an eight bolt pattern. You can now protect and perfect your trailer, and precious cargo with 19.5 wheels and tires. Upgrade from 235/80R16 or 235/85R16 tires to commercial grade 19.5". With the same 32" outer diameter as a 235/85R16, there will be no trailer modifications to address. With 19.5’s you can expect an extended commercial tire life (some customers have attained well over 150,000 miles before replacement!), increased tow and load capacities (6,050 lbs. load capacity per wheel), and improved fuel economy when towing (many customers reporting a 1-2 mpg improvement). The Cruiser 67 is capable of carrying anything you can throw at it and then some. Its optional lug-centric (1/2” & 9/16” lug studs) or hub-centric (5/8” lug studs) design and 6,050-pound capacity enable the use of many tire options that are right for any load. This wheel will ensure you Get There, every time! (Center cap included!)


    Cruiser 67 Max. LBS: Max. PSI: Offset: Lug Pattern: Stud Sizes: Centering: Center Bore: Material: Tire Sizes:
    19.5" x 6.75" 6,050 125 0" 8 on 6.5" 1/2" & 9/16" (LC) or 5/8" (HC) Lug-Centric or Hub-Centric 4.9" (LC) or 4.77" (HC) Aluminum 225/70R19.5, 245/70R19.5, or 265/70R19.5







    Continental HS3 - (Global MFG Ranking #4 by Sales)

    • Two-layer tread construction combines high mileage performance in the cap compound with significant rolling resistance improvements in the base compound.
    • Narrowed groove widths result in increased pattern volume which improves wear resistance to guarantee high mileage performance.
    • Pocket sipe technology with full-depth sipes to enhance water displacement and improve wet performance over the life of the tire.

    ZC Rubber - Arisun AS673 - (Global MFG Ranking #10 by Sales)

    • Four straight grooves design provides remarkable steer and efficient water evacuation with lower rolling resistance.
    • The application of a new compound and carcass-structure material improve tread wear and fuel efficiency.
    • Stone ejector design prevents groove cracking efficiently and enhances self cleaning capabilities.
    • Latitude sipes in the grooves provide great traction performance, and prevent side slipping on wet roads.

    Triangle TR685 - (Global MFG Ranking #15 by Sales)

    • Suitable for all trailer wheels and truck steel wheels on highways or city roads.
    • Excellent anti-irregular-wear performance and high mileage.
    • Excellent high speed running performance and lower noise emission.


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    1. Love the tires and wheels!

      Love the tires and wheels on my Big Horn!

      on 2nd Jul 2018

    2. Love the peace of mind

      ´╗┐Just wanted to say after 2500 miles since my wheel n tire purchase from you guys all is well. I love the peace of mind I get from this setup. Just got back home to Vegas today from Tahoe. After a few hundred miles this afternoon I pulled over to check the rig, felt the tires, barely more than warm. Awesome. It was a steady 100-110 today. Glad I found out about you guys. on 28th Jun 2018


      Received the tire fast, tire and wheel well built, Little heavy but very solid. Took 1st trip with the tire round trip 1235 miles. Gain .5 miles per gallon over last trip with old tires. Anyone thinking of these tire they are well worth it. Tires where never HOT like old tires. Check the torque each time we stopped on way up, by the 3rd check they were set. Very happy with the tires and no worries of blow out. on 2nd Apr 2018

    4. Best investment you can make for your trailer

      After spending hours along side the interstate a year ago with 2 blow outs on our horse trailer I looked for a solution and found Boar Wheels. The service was great, the wheels are the alum 67's which look great and I can't wait to see how the trailer pulls with the 19.5's. We're planning several camping trips with our horses this year so we'll have a good idea what they can do by the end of Fall this year.
      Highly recommend these to any one who has a LQ trailer with 8 bolt wheels.
      on 22nd Feb 2018

    5. Muret67

      Beautiful wheels. Not only do they look great but man are they heavy duty. Can't wait to get some miles on them and im so glad flats will be a thing of the past. on 13th Apr 2017

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